Ep 13: Success Habits to a better life With Ariel Banayan

 We’re all aware that we are a by-product of our environment, many have heard the saying from Jim Rohn that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with, but what do we do if no-one around us embodies the kind of person we want to become?
 That’s why Ariel Banayan founded  Partners In Grind. It’s a new startup that matches you with a relevant accountability partner so you can both grow and learn from each other along your journey. Better yet, it’s free!
Ariel has been been studying the behavior of the world’s most wildly successful people for many years, and in this episode he outlines the common denominators that seem to be a part of every single one of them and how we can incorporate them into our lives.
By using his knowledge through Partner In Grind, even though it started two weeks ago he’s already had over 1,000 people sign up to get free accountability partners!
I definitely recommend giving this a go if you feel like you need extra support (which I’m sure most of us can agree we can never have too much). I really enjoyed this episode and I highly recommend giving it a listen to hear how these success traits can be made applicable to everyone of us.
 If you’d like to sign up for free on Partners In Grind just click that link, the sign up process takes around 30 seconds!