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The Fitness Hippie Guide

What’s inside?


  • Nine intentions for lifelong success: Exercise and nutrition is just half the battle. You’ll create a mindset that will help keep you on track no matter what life throws at you.
  • Nutrition simplified. No complicated science, just real-life actionable help so you can fit it around your busy schedule.
  • Recipes without the headaches. You don’t need to be good in the kitchen to eat healthy. I’ll show you breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes with minimal ingredients but maximum taste.
  • 12-week exercise program you can follow at home or at the gym. All you need in some dumbbells and a bench.
  • Full recovery and injury prevention guide to keep you performing at your best all year round.
  • Full access to a private Facebook community where everyone shares their journey, recipes and stays accountable.
  • Progress forever. Once the 12-week program is complete, I’ll give you tips and advice how to carry on so you can keep building the body and lifestyle you desire.

I created this guide because too many people have been discouraged thinking they cannot live a healthy life or that they don’t deserve the body they want because they have failed in the past.

You haven’t failed before, the programs or systems you’ve been following have failed you!

So I put this guide together to show you exactly how I train my clients to create not only a new body but a better and healthier lifestyle.

What kind of results can you expect?

I don’t do before and after pictures, rather I do before and now pictures because there is no after. You never stop improving!

The Fitness Hippie Guide
The Fitness Hippie Guide
The Fitness Hippie Guide
The Fitness Hippie Guide

Why The Fitness Hippie Guide?

Mindset is key!

Your mind is the most powerful tool you have. Adopting a healthy approach to fitness is a way of life that will not only change how you look but also how you feel. The mindset section outlines steps that will keep you on track and build the habits necessary to create a better healthier lifestyle. 

Nutrition simplified

Nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t need to worry about eating at specific times or about macronutrient timing unless you’re trying to become Mr or Mrs Olympia. If that’s your goal this guide isn’t for you anyway. I’ll make nutrition simple for you again so you can easily fit it into your lifestyle.

Progressive 12-week program

You’ll get fitter, stronger, and leaner every week by following my 12-week exercise routine. With 24 full exercise routines covering your upper body, lower body and core I’ll make sure you get the most out of every workout!

Because it’s about living the best life possible!

Looking good is great but the whole point of this guide is to go one step further and not just make you look good but improve the quality of your life. With the right mindset, nutrition and fitness you’ll:

  • Get the body you want
  • Feel more confident
  • Have higher energy levels
  • Be more motivated
  • Less likely to get ill and have headaches
  • Live better for longer
  • Be able to do more of the things you love!

Get Instant Access Now For Just £19.99!

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When you purchase my guide you’re backed by a lifetime guarantee. I want the things you learn in this guide to stay with you forever, not just for 12 weeks. I know they will so I’ll put my money where my mouth is!