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Days 16-24: The week into the new year

Remember about two posts ago I said the next 10 days will be better? Well, they were. For a few days. Then Christmas happened. Then I was at Disneyland for New Years and then I got ill. So yeah, great few days! aha

I got a few days of exercise in but I’d say 50% of it at best. That’s why I’m a little embarrassed writing this post. I wanted to show what 100 days of consistency would look like and so far it’s been more of 24 days of inconsistency…

Here’s an overview of how the last week or so went:

Day 16: Badminton
Day 17-20: At Disneyland for new years.
Day 21-23: I got a sickness bug
Day 24: I’m fully alive again and finally got a double workout in! I started the day with a 5k park run, managed to come 4th with a time of 19:58.

Then I got a nice HIIT workout in to get everything moving again! Here it is:

10 reps of each resistance exercises
40 seconds of cardio exercises
3 rounds
No rest periods

Push ups
High knees
Bench triceps dips
Leg raises
Twisting mountain climbers
Sit ups
Bodyweight shoulder press

The thing I love about HIIT workouts is you can be so creative with them, each exercise only lasts a short period of time and there’s no time to get distracted or to waste. It’s all 100% an effective workout that gets done in under 20 minutes!

I’m feeling stronger

24 days ago I was just getting started. I’m still just getting started I guess as I’ve had too many gaps but I can feel some strength coming back, my lower back aches less and I’ve got tons more energy now!

I could kick myself for missing pretty much 50% of the workouts or I could celebrate the fact I’m feeling nearly back to my old self.

I’ll pick the celebrating thank you!!

Days 11-15: 100 Days of Yoga & HIIT

15 days ago I set myself a goal of doing 100 days of yoga and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to get myself back into shape after a recent back injury a following three months of recovery.

In just over two weeks in I’ve learned a lot about my body and what I’ve weirdly enjoyed the most is being a beginner again and starting from fresh. It’s helped me see things from my client’s point of view and empathize with just how hard it can feel to get that initial feeling of progress.

My goal was to do a workout every day but because of muscle soreness, so far, I’ve only worked out on half of the 15 days, and even though I’ve put in that time there are no results to be seen. And that’s normal.

Here is a quick rule of thumb when it comes to progress:

You can feel the results instantly after a workout from the work you’ve put in. It takes around 6-8 for you to start seeing the results. And 12 weeks for other people to start seeing the results.

So if you’re just three or four weeks in and not seeing progress, stop worrying. That’s normal. The results are coming, but there’s just some serious lag time you’ve got to get through first!

Day’s 11-14

I really felt it after where can i buy acyclovir (zovirax). My triceps and chest were practically useless to me for the net few days! Once again, I was super surprised at how long it’s taking my muscles to recover now I’ve had a few months off the exercise bandwagon.

For those reasons, and due to it being Christmas and being around the family I didn’t get any other workouts in aside from a quick 20 minute run around my local area.

Day 15

Back for another HIIT session and this time I went for a pull session to work the opposing muscles from the last workout, targeting my back and biceps. Still, nothing too strenuous but here is days 15 session:

Workout time: 40 seconds
Rest time: 20 seconds
Exercises: 4
Circuits: 3
Total time: 12 minutes

Cardio: where can i buy zovirax acyclovir 5 cream
Upper body: buy zovirax acyclovir
Cardio: buy zovirax acyclovir cream
Upper body: cheap zovirax cream

To record the intervals on my laptop I used buy zovirax ointment cheapwhich is a great desktop timer.

This workout was designed to help strengthen my middle and lower back muscles, whilst engaging my biceps and increasing my fitness.

Super great workout that only takes 12 minutes!

Tomorrow I’m going badminton and I’ll be looking to get a yoga session in too. Have a great day guys!

Day 10: 100 Days of yoga & HIIT

1/10th of the way through the challenge already. That’s gone quickly! Granted, I’ve only done a workout on just about half of those days because of muscle soreness, but that will get less and less the further through these 100 days I get.

Let’s see if for the next ten days I can get eight days worth of exercise in, that will be a good goal to hit.

After yesterday’s yoga session I was expecting my core to ache a little but I didn’t feel a thing. Except for when I sneezed at one point… aha

For today’s HIIT session, I decided to do one of my own and will do from now on as I love making up my own HIIT sessions. When I was a full-time personal trainer one of my favourite things was to think up the hardest HIIT sessions I could. I’m still not going crazy just yet with my own workouts as I’m still building my fitness up so I started it off with a mediocre workout.

Workout time: 40 seconds
Rest time: 20 seconds
Exercises: 4
Circuits: 3
Total time: 12 minutes

Cardio: High knees
Upper body: Press ups
Cardio: Burpees
Upper body: Dips

To record the intervals on my laptop I used cheap zovirax ointment which I is really great to change all the settings you want.

It’s more of a cardio and upper body set working mostly on pushing exercises. I’m a big lover of splitting my workouts up into push/pull sessions because the pushing exercises primarily engage your chest and triceps, whilst pulling exercises work the opposite muscles such as your back and biceps.

By splitting the workouts up into two separate sessions your body gets adequate rest and you’re able to put more stress on those muscles during the workout. Win win!

Even though it was only a 12-minute workout, it was plenty enough for my upper body today. Got it working, momentarily increased my metabolism and made me feel awesome. Not bad for just 12 minutes worth of work!

Tomorrow is park run day again which I’m excited about. I now know where my trainers are so I won’t be making the same mistake as last week! 😛

Days 6-9: 100 Days of yoga & HIIT

Over these 100 days of yoga and HIIT I’m building my strength back up after a slight back injury a few months ago.

I picked yoga to help improve my flexibility and core strength, which will help minimise the risk of another injury in the future. And the HIIT will help me build some basic muscle mass and improve overall fitness.

After day five, I’m never buy cheap zovirax cream! Well, that was kind of a no-brainer anyway but my calves really did suffer for it! The next few days I was walking around like I shat myself as they hurt so much it was hard to put pressure on the fronts of my toes. Ooopsy.

That’s been the main reason why the last few days I’ve been inactive but last night I felt ready for another yoga session!

Day nine

One of the main things I need to concentrate on with my yoga practise is my core strength as it helps support the lower back in everyday life and is one of the reasons I got an injury in the first place. Day nine’s plan was to pick a workout that concentrated more on those area.

Slightly going off topic quickly, what I find really funny when looking through these workout video’s on YouTube is they always say things like “fat loss workout” and “fat burning workout”, and they just say it because it’s what gets the attention. Yes you’ll burn energy by doing it but actually it’s an insanely small amount, maybe like 0.1lbs of fat if you’re lucky. Most of the time it will just be stored carbohydrates but hey, whatever gets the clicks right!?

Obviously, I succumbed to the great promises of a fat burning workout so I went for a video from a new teacher that looked like it would help me build up my core muscles.

Before I ever do a video I give it a quick flick through to see if it looks like something beneficial to me and although the moves looked really basic I thought the slow moving pace of it would give me the extra time to really focus on engaging my core, even if it wouldn’t make me sweat.

Good points:

  • The slow pace of the video was really good as it did really challenge me to squeeze those abdominal muscles. If you really concentrated you could really challenge yourself.
  • It was nice and relaxing.
  • Exercises that seemed too easy got exponentially harder when trying to hold it in place for long periods of time.

Bad points:

  • She rambled on a lot. Sometimes I wondered if even she knew what she was trying to say.
  • “You’re going to burn that fat away”… Err no. Burning fat isn’t quite that simple.
  • I’d of liked a few more exercises that worked on flexibility.

For me, it was a little too easy and I would have liked more of a challenge but that’s probably my fault for picking a beginners video. If would have had to go on for another 10-20 minutes for me to of really enjoyed it.

Although saying that, I’m sure my core will be aching tomorrow.

I’d rate it a 7/10. Solid workout but I’d of liked it to have more exercises that improved my flexibility at the same time.

Definitely give it a go. If you’re following along as home I’d love to hear how you’re getting on in the comments below!

Day nine’s yoga workout

Day Five – 100 Days of Yoga & HIIT

It feels so good to start feeling my fitness coming back! For anyone that doesn’t know, a few months ago I hurt my lower back in the gym. The doctors said it could be muscular or a disc but either way, unless I start wetting myself, there’s nothing to worry about other than get plenty of rest!

Fast forward three months, aside from a few basic physio exercises and one short run, I’ve patiently waited for a point where my back feels good enough to start exercising again. That was the longest period of time I’d gone without not exercising and I could feel how my body was changing on a daily basis in a way I wasn’t happy with.

It was around 10 days ago when I felt I was now ready to get going again and decided to start this 100 days of yoga and HIIT. I picked yoga and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) because yoga will help bring my core muscles back up to strength and improve my flexibility. Whilst HIIT will help me build up more muscle mass and get my lungs working again!

Just five days in and I’m already feeling tons better. My back aches less, my lungs feel like they have doubled in capacity and my core feels a lot tighter. I know this is more of a phycological change at the moment because five days isn’t enough to do all of that but god it feels good to be back!!

Day five

Saturdays are one of my favourite days of the week because it’s cheap zovirax cream online time! If my HIIT day lands on this day I’ll be doing the Park Run instead, or as well as when I get fit enough. Most Saturdays I try and take part in my local 5k Park Run, which is a free timed event that runs all the way around the world on a weekly basis. One of my goals for 2017 is to win one of them. I’ve come super close but never first!

As I went to leave my house this morning I couldn’t seem to find my running trainers anywhere. It was really frustrating and I was running late so instead of giving the run a miss I put on my only half-suitable pair of trainers which were pair of super cheap boat-shoe-like shoe, pictured below.

I made it to the run with one minute to spare, doing my best to bunch up with everyone so no one would see me wearing these crazy-ass “running shoes.” I’d run in something similar a few years ago and because they don’t have any support on the bottom I knew this would kill my calves by the end of it!

Surprisingly, however, as the run got started, with over 200 people, the shoes felt incredibly comfortable. It felt like I was running with socks on and my feet were free! My feet felt good, my lungs felt amazing and I was in the top 10.

I was pushed on by trying to keep us with faster runners and by the end of it I ended up surprising myself by knocking nearly 40 seconds off my last run and coming in 5th! Maybe I should wear the boat shoes more often!

That’s me in 5th place!

Saying that, though, my calfs did start cramping up as soon as I stopped and started walking… Maybe I’ll stick to my normal running shoes in the future.

It felt great to be back in the top 10 of runners at the local Park Run but what amazed me was just how quickly my body seems to be bouncing back. I mean in just the last five days I’ve gone from feeling down about how I feel, constant aching back and struggling to run comfortably. To feeling nearly back to my old self. The human body never stops to amaze me!

For the rest of the day I’ve had a nice chilled out time and it will be interested to see how my legs feel in the morning! I think a relaxing yoga session will be on the cards!

Days Three & Four – 100 Days of Yoga & HIIT

So you remember the other day when I mentioned my hip flexors were feeling a bit tight? Well on day three (yesterday), they felt super tight! As these next 100 days are about getting stronger and back to full strength, I took the decision to use day three as a rest day. I could have done another yoga session, don’t get me wrong, but the whole point of a rest day is to allow your body longer to repair itself and it’s that resting process that actually gets you stronger.

Which got me thinking, I want to be doing something every day, even on rest days. From now on, if that happens again when I need a day of rest then I’ll fill it with a meditation session and share with you that experience.

Meditation really helps me unwind, it’s kind of like in the same way yoga does, it’s like turning a computer on and off again. Refreshing me and getting rid of any unnecessary junk!

Day Four- Yoga 

Body condition: Feeling refreshed, although slightly sore on my inner thighs and hip flexors.

As my last yoga session wasn’t as good as I was hoping, I decided to do a video from a person that I’ve done before.

If you’ve ever YouTube’d the word “yoga” I’m sure you’ve come across her as she has nearly two million followers! It was by cheap zovirax online and the video was from a 30-day yoga series she done a while back.

As my legs weren’t exactly in the best of conditions I decided to one that didn’t seem too challenging. It was a good choice!

I don’t know what it is about Adriene’s voice but it’s so soft that I feel super relaxed all the way through, even when I’m struggling to hold some kind of odd lunging position!

I really like her style too because she clearly loves her craft and makes it all about making it feel unique for everyone and encourages you to adapt it to your own style.


It has a few challenging moves in but overall it’s just a really great workout that gets your body moving, stretching and testing your flexibility. It was exactly what I was after.

By the end of it, I was so relieved of any tension and relaxed that I let the video finish and spent the next 10 minutes laying there in a half meditation, half bliss state!

Video rating: 9/10

It has done everything I wanted it to do. I felt super relaxed and worked out at the same time.

Definitely give this workout a go!

Tomorrow I’m going to be doing a 5k Park Run as part of my HIIT session. My goal is to get around 20 minutes, so lets see how it goes!

Day Two – 100 Days of Yoga & HIIT

After waking up after yesterday’s first yoga session I didn’t have any aches or pains which is always a bonus. I mean, if I couldn’t make it through day one without already breaking down, my fitness would have had to massively of dropped over the last few months!

What did happen over the course of the day was my hip flexors very sloowwwlllyyy started to tighten up. By the end of the day, it was definitely more than a ‘slight’ ache.

Day two was the first HIIT session of many to come. As I’ve created 100’s of my own HIIT sessions for every kind of occasion it was a bit alien to follow someone else video but I thought I’d give it a go for the first one.

I picked Brandon Carter’s video “Furious Fat Burner 2”. By the end of the video, you’ll never forget those words. Not because it’s so intense but rather because he doesn’t stop repeating it! 😛

“This is the furious fat burner bro”

Most HIIT sessions are under 20 minutes and although he keeps repeating it’s 20 minutes, it’s actually 15, including the warm up. So it’s a pretty decent workout for this first HIIT session.

The full body workout included:

  • Spiderman press ups
  • Side hops
  • “fast feet”
  • Tuck jumps
  • Mountain climbers
  • Jumping lunges
  • Planks

As a personal trainer, I never wanted to do what I call the cheesy exercises with my clients like the fast feet in this video. Every time we had to do them I couldn’t help thinking how lame I felt!

All in all, though, I’d rate the video a 7/10.


  • Good mix of upper body, lower body and core exercises.
  • Liked how round 2 & 3 got harder by getting rid of the rest periods.
  • Perfect for an intermediate level of fitness.
  • Easy video to be able to add another one or two round onto if you wanted.


  • Repeats “furious fat burner” pretty much every minute.
  • Super cheesy.
  • Felt a little short.

If you’re looking for a HIIT workout to follow and you can handle the cheesiness of it. I’d definitely recommend giving it a go!

I might try another HIIT video or two but most likely I’ll end up just following my own workouts as I know what I’m doing. Which I can’t say the same with yoga!

100 days of Yoga and HIIT – Day One

For the next 100 days, I’ve decided to do 100 days of progression in yoga and HIIT. I’m doing this as part of a bigger “100 days of ….” series that I’ll be doing every (guess how many days) 100 days.

One of the main reasons I want to do it is to prove how much you can improve in such a short period of time by using just pure consistency.

Over these 100 days, the two things I’m going to be looking to improve are my overall flexibility, body definition, and overall wellbeing. Overall wellbeing is kind of a hard thing to track so you’re just going to have to take my word for that one.

But for flexibility, we can visually see changes in that and also for body definition. I’ll share with you my starting photo’s today and then we will compare them every now and then throughout the next 100 days to see how much they progress.

I also want to state I’m not yoga expert by any means. In my lifetime I’ve barely been to 10 yoga sessions so I’m going to be approaching this as a complete beginner. Some days I’ll be following online videos and others I’ll be going to actual yoga studios to workout in a group environment or one-to-one.

You’re welcome to follow along at home and join me on this journey. In fact, I insist and would love to get your comments below to how you’re finding it.

Some days I’ll be doing HIIT and yoga whilst on other days I’ll just do one. Most likely I’ll build up to doing two in one day and it’s always important to listen to your body. If it’s aching or doesn’t feel right I’ll take a day off but the overall goal is to see just how far I can progress in 100 days.

I also want this to be something applicable to you guys too. So I won’t be getting any expert advice, no use of expensive gyms or equipment. So you know that if I can do it, there’s no reason why you can’t get them same results too!

Here’s how my atrocious flexibility is looking like on day 1:

Trying to fold over and touch my toes.

Trying to fold over and touch my toes.


Keeping legs straight and once again trying to touch my toes.

Keeping legs straight and once again trying to touch my toes.


Attempt at doing the splits!

My attempt at doing the splits!


Those are me really trying to stretch at full effort. There’s no half-ass effort going on there!

And here is my current body shape:


Over the last few months where I’ve had a bad back I’ve lost a fair amount of muscle and flexibility. Over the next 100 days, I’m aiming to regain a lot of it and take my fitness to a new level.

Day One Review

A few hours before doing my first yoga workout someone on Instagram said I should try one of cheap zovirax uk yoga video’s so I thought it a quick YouTube. I started off with what I thought would be a fairly simple video. At 22 minutes in duration, it wasn’t very long and I just wanted to get into the swing of things.

Here’s the workout video:

I’m not sure if I got one of her typical video’s because it was in partnership with BeFit but it was good fun. It touched on some yoga moves I’d heard before, although I barely know what they are. Downward dog and all that chaturanga?

It was a great little video that I found easy in some areas and challenging in others but the video is labeled beginner although I think a lot of people who are true beginners might struggle quite a lot. Especially as no regression or progression exercises were given.

It did give me a really good burn in the shoulders, core at times and one of the moves did get my legs shaking all over the place!

If I had to rate it, iI’d give it a 6/10. Mainly because she was talking super fast to the point that it felt really rushed, I didn’t really feel like she really wanted to be doing the video but it was a solid workout for my first one!

I’d definitely try one of her yoga videos again and will do over the next 99 days, but next time I’ll pick one from her own collection rather than a BeFit video she’s featured in.


I’m feeling good for tomorrow, I don’t think I’ll ache at all, maybe in the lower abdominals a little bit but let’s see what day two has in store. I’m thinking maybe a bit of HIIT!?

If you give the above video a go, let me know what you think in the comments below! 🙂

When Life Gets In The Way

“Okay, you start Monday at 9.”

Oops, what did I just get myself into?

24 hours before that moment I was searching online researching new social media channels seeing if there was anything cool I hadn’t tried out recently. Then the forces that be (Google) lead me down the wondering path of looking up jobs at start-ups in London.

Nothing really picked my fancy and I really didn’t have the time with all my gym clients and The Fitness Hippie but then I saw a little start-up under the name of Cuvva. Offering a 12 week position as a marketing intern to help out with everything from online advertising, to PR and making coffee.

It sounded like a sweet little deal as it was something that genuinely interested me and I thought I could learn a lot. It would involve working with a small team, including the cofounders, to help build a business that is changing how an industry works. Plus, it was only 12 weeks long so it’ll be over before I knew it.

What I didn’t expect was for them to email me back one hour later saying come into the office tomorrow for a chat.

That was when it happened. The invitation to start working for Cuvva for 12 weeks, starting in four days.

O Google, what have you started!

The issue wasn’t getting up at 7am to get to London and arriving back home at 7pm. It was how the hell am I still going to juggle all of my gym clients at the same time, keep up with all the online coaching with The Fitness Hippie, and still have time to see my girlfriend and have a social life?

Like what happens most of the time when there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day, something got dropped out my daily routine.

Not by conscious decision but rather by lack of preparation. Not because of lack of time, but rather lack of time management.

I could make up a bunch of rational excuses why it got dropped out, like the fact I was out the house from 8am till 9pm pretty much every day and working at the weekend also. But I’ve never been one for excuses.

The thing that got dropped out my daily routine was exercise and healthy eating. Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t eat like a pig or anything. I was still making a fair amount of my food from natural ingredients but for my liking there was too much pre-bought food.

And for exercise, that had dropped down to maybe one run a week at max. Instead of my usual 3-4 days a week of mixed exercise.

For the first week or two my goal was to get more efficient with my daily schedule to free up more time for exercise and cooking. Although I got more efficient, that didn’t translate so much into healthier choices. Instead I just spent even more time on The Fitness Hippie because you know, there is always more that hasn’t been done yet.

Then week three, four and five went by and I was in the habit cycle. Get up at 7am, leave at 7:45am, get home at 6:50pm. Put on my gym clothes, drive to the gym, train clients till 9pm. Get home and work on The Fitness Hippie related work. Bed at 11pm.

Rinse and repeat.

Here’s is the thing. I had the desire to change but I just wasn’t going the right way about it.

I couldn’t fit everything in because I was trying to do it like I’d always done it. Before, I’d created a lifestyle for myself which I made sure I had an abundance of time to exercise and eat well. Which meant I could take my time with my cooking. If I didn’t have all the ingredients I could just shoot down the road and get them, with no real time restriction on prep time.

With exercise I could pick and choose when I’d do it. Working out in the morning was always the better time for me and I’d like to often do social sports like badminton and squash.

I didn’t have those luxuries now though. It was time for me to do exactly what I tell all of my coaching clients.

Make a fail-proof plan.

By that I mean make a plan so easy to stick to that there is no reason to not follow it accept for your own lack of discipline.

Just spending 1-2 hours on the weekend to set out the plan made me feel a lot happier and confident, proving that I definitely had the time to fit it in my day. It was just a matter of being better prepared.

Literally the day after I’d completed writing the plan everything changed back to how I wanted it.

Every evening I would make dinner and any preparations necessary for the next day’s breakfast or lunch. In the mornings I made sure I had really quick breakfasts so I didn’t have to wake up super early, and I’d put my lunch box in the bag and that’s it. I’m off for the day.

Every Sunday I’d make a shopping list for all the ingredients and go shopping, sticking nearly exactly to the shopping list (a little cake might slip in there too!)

Then Tuesday’s and Saturday’s I’d get an upper body workout in, working on calisthenics training, and Thursday evenings would consist of a nice run!

Of course there are still times I wonder off the weekly food planner or change the day I workout. But the whole point is to know that you have a plan to guide you 80% of the way. Allowing for little deviations every now and then!

The plan is not there to restrict you and make everything more boring. But rather to add more freedom to your life to allow you to do more of the things you love.

So why am I telling you this story about my recent struggle?

Mainly to push the point home that nobody’s perfect and life inevitably always gets in the way.

It’s okay to have periods of time where things kind of go to shit.  That’s life.

No matter how invincible you may feel at times, there will always be times when the unexpected happens.

All too commonly we look at people’s Instagram pages and see just how great they seem to be doing. They’re eating perfectly healthy meals, always positive and just seem unstoppable. But remember what you see on there is simply a few snippets someone has specifically plucked out of their life for you to see.

It’s very rare to see the down periods, the days when they go out for a drink with their friends and go to town on a Big Mac with extra fries.

At the end of the day, we’re all human.

And remember, when life does inevitably get in the way, don’t take it as something that is there to beat you down. Use it as a way for you to come back stronger.

I’ll be breaking down how I created my Fail-Proof Plan and sharing it with you all as a free mini-guide over the next couple of weeks. This will an exclusive bit of content only available to the community.

If you haven’t joined the community already do so now, it’s free only for the next 30 or so people!

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