100 days of Yoga and HIIT – Day One

For the next 100 days, I’ve decided to do 100 days of progression in yoga and HIIT. I’m doing this as part of a bigger “100 days of ….” series that I’ll be doing every (guess how many days) 100 days.

One of the main reasons I want to do it is to prove how much you can improve in such a short period of time by using just pure consistency.

Over these 100 days, the two things I’m going to be looking to improve are my overall flexibility, body definition, and overall wellbeing. Overall wellbeing is kind of a hard thing to track so you’re just going to have to take my word for that one.

But for flexibility, we can visually see changes in that and also for body definition. I’ll share with you my starting photo’s today and then we will compare them every now and then throughout the next 100 days to see how much they progress.

I also want to state I’m not yoga expert by any means. In my lifetime I’ve barely been to 10 yoga sessions so I’m going to be approaching this as a complete beginner. Some days I’ll be following online videos and others I’ll be going to actual yoga studios to workout in a group environment or one-to-one.

You’re welcome to follow along at home and join me on this journey. In fact, I insist and would love to get your comments below to how you’re finding it.

Some days I’ll be doing HIIT and yoga whilst on other days I’ll just do one. Most likely I’ll build up to doing two in one day and it’s always important to listen to your body. If it’s aching or doesn’t feel right I’ll take a day off but the overall goal is to see just how far I can progress in 100 days.

I also want this to be something applicable to you guys too. So I won’t be getting any expert advice, no use of expensive gyms or equipment. So you know that if I can do it, there’s no reason why you can’t get them same results too!

Here’s how my atrocious flexibility is looking like on day 1:

Trying to fold over and touch my toes.

Trying to fold over and touch my toes.


Keeping legs straight and once again trying to touch my toes.

Keeping legs straight and once again trying to touch my toes.


Attempt at doing the splits!

My attempt at doing the splits!


Those are me really trying to stretch at full effort. There’s no half-ass effort going on there!

And here is my current body shape:


Over the last few months where I’ve had a bad back I’ve lost a fair amount of muscle and flexibility. Over the next 100 days, I’m aiming to regain a lot of it and take my fitness to a new level.

Day One Review

A few hours before doing my first yoga workout someone on Instagram said I should try one of Kino MacGregor’s yoga video’s so I thought it a quick YouTube. I started off with what I thought would be a fairly simple video. At 22 minutes in duration, it wasn’t very long and I just wanted to get into the swing of things.

Here’s the workout video:

I’m not sure if I got one of her typical video’s because it was in partnership with BeFit but it was good fun. It touched on some yoga moves I’d heard before, although I barely know what they are. Downward dog and all that chaturanga?

It was a great little video that I found easy in some areas and challenging in others but the video is labeled beginner although I think a lot of people who are true beginners might struggle quite a lot. Especially as no regression or progression exercises were given.

It did give me a really good burn in the shoulders, core at times and one of the moves did get my legs shaking all over the place!

If I had to rate it, iI’d give it a 6/10. Mainly because she was talking super fast to the point that it felt really rushed, I didn’t really feel like she really wanted to be doing the video but it was a solid workout for my first one!

I’d definitely try one of her yoga videos again and will do over the next 99 days, but next time I’ll pick one from her own collection rather than a BeFit video she’s featured in.


I’m feeling good for tomorrow, I don’t think I’ll ache at all, maybe in the lower abdominals a little bit but let’s see what day two has in store. I’m thinking maybe a bit of HIIT!?

If you give the above video a go, let me know what you think in the comments below! 🙂