In 2014 I became a personal trainer in a gym because I wanted to help people create the healthy bodies and lifestyles they wanted. Two years later I quit because I realised it was the wrong approach.

Getting clients results in the gym wasn’t a problem at all, but the problem I started to realise was that the gym is the one area most people don’t need help with. In fact, it’s one of the last areas people need help with, with the thousands of exercise articles and advice people can get instantly.

To live a healthy lifestyle, my belief is that we’re concentrating on the wrong things. Of course, we need to eat well and stay active, but the issue seems to be a much bigger problem.

I see the health and fitness problem in the world at the moment similar to how the tobacco industry was in the 80’s. People knew it was killing them but old habits die hard and it required a mindset shift from an individual level all the way up to the government.

My goal is to help you “zoom out” a little to concentrate on the bigger picture and make those mindset shifts necessary to make healthy living a lifestyle.

My process is simple, get your mindset in the right place and concentrate on resolving lifestyle related issues. Once you manage that, your nutrition and exercise will start to fall into place.

This is about living the best life possible and it just so happens that you’ll also get an amazing body in the process.