Announcing the launch of a community & more!

I’m excited. Today is the start of a new chapter.

Over the last year, I’ve brought out a couple of guides, tons of recipes, workouts and spoken personally with a lot of you all with the goal of helping as many people as possible to live a happier healthier lifestyle.

That’s always been my goal since day one and it’s been great fun along the way.

About a month ago someone messaged me on Instagram saying they loved my content and wished they could afford my online guide Reborn. They were in between jobs at the time and it seemed like they genuinely did want to buy the guide but they just weren’t in a position to do so.

Half my mind thought “but it’s only £30”, then the other side was telling me to give it to her for free. Although I wondered what others who had already bought the guide might think if they heard she got a guide for free while they had to pay.

Then I took a step back and thought about why I started The Fitness Hippie and got into personal training in the first place.

It wasn’t to make money. It was simply to help people. That’s exactly why I hated the fitness industry because it always cared more about its profit margin rather than caring about the people it was there to help.

I never want to be like that.

So guess what? I’ve decided to give away the guide for free. Forever. To everyone.

A 195-page guide that covers everything from motivation, mindset, healthy lifestyle tips, nutrition, recipes, 48 weeks work of progressive training programmes and much more.

Everyone who has already bought the guide can get a full refund by emailing me at Plus, I’ll continue to improve it on an on-going basis, so it’s only going to get better.

And that’s just the beginning.

Going back to the reason why I started The Fitness Hippie and what I’ve learnt along the way with coaching clients, I realized that the main variable that separates those that keep living a healthy lifestyle and those that don’t is their surroundings. It’s their community.

Whether that be online, or offline they always have a community there to keep them going when they get down or just have someone there to stay accountable with.

So I’ve decided to start an online community for those that don’t have the luxury of a supportive group of people around them. Or for people just want to continually keep improving.

When you join the community, you’ll get:

  • A free guide once a month to help you along with your healthy lifestyle.
  • Exclusive top content every week.
  • An accountability partner (optional) – If you want extra accountability I can pair you up with another member of the community who is striving to achieve the same greatness as yourself.
  • Get featured amongst the community- Doing something worthwhile or got an inspiring message? I’ll share it with the community to spread your amazing message.
  • Free giveaway- Once a month a free prize to 1 member of the community.
  • Access to my personal email – If you feel like you really need help, you can email me and I’ll be there to support you.
  • (Bonus- When we hit 500 members we’ll start a bi-weekly mastermind call to regularly catch up and go through any questions/problems you have.)


You can join up to simply get the free guides and the exclusive content or you can get really stuck in and involved as much as you want. You have complete freedom.

It’s going to be 100% free for the first 100 people and then simply a one-off cost of $1 per person after that. That’s simply to cover a small portion of the costs for running the community.

This isn’t just a community of people trying to eat well and exercise often. Although it will cover that in plenty of detail. It’s more than that.

This is about self-improvement. It’s about learning to look after yourself as well as the people around you. It’s about learning how to love who you are and a journey of self-discovery. It’s about living the best life possible.

By building the community in this way we can build kick-ass community and my vision is to create one of the best healthy lifestyle communities on the internet.

If you’re ready to take your lifestyle to a new level & get Reborn for free. Join now.

Free for the first 100 members

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