Day 10: 100 Days of yoga & HIIT

1/10th of the way through the challenge already. That’s gone quickly! Granted, I’ve only done a workout on just about half of those days because of muscle soreness, but that will get less and less the further through these 100 days I get.

Let’s see if for the next ten days I can get eight days worth of exercise in, that will be a good goal to hit.

After yesterday’s yoga session I was expecting my core to ache a little but I didn’t feel a thing. Except for when I sneezed at one point… aha

For today’s HIIT session, I decided to do one of my own and will do from now on as I love making up my own HIIT sessions. When I was a full-time personal trainer one of my favourite things was to think up the hardest HIIT sessions I could. I’m still not going crazy just yet with my own workouts as I’m still building my fitness up so I started it off with a mediocre workout.

Workout time: 40 seconds
Rest time: 20 seconds
Exercises: 4
Circuits: 3
Total time: 12 minutes

Cardio: High knees
Upper body: Press ups
Cardio: Burpees
Upper body: Dips

To record the intervals on my laptop I used Fitlb which I is really great to change all the settings you want.

It’s more of a cardio and upper body set working mostly on pushing exercises. I’m a big lover of splitting my workouts up into push/pull sessions because the pushing exercises primarily engage your chest and triceps, whilst pulling exercises work the opposite muscles such as your back and biceps.

By splitting the workouts up into two separate sessions your body gets adequate rest and you’re able to put more stress on those muscles during the workout. Win win!

Even though it was only a 12-minute workout, it was plenty enough for my upper body today. Got it working, momentarily increased my metabolism and made me feel awesome. Not bad for just 12 minutes worth of work!

Tomorrow is park run day again which I’m excited about. I now know where my trainers are so I won’t be making the same mistake as last week! 😛