Day Five – 100 Days of Yoga & HIIT

It feels so good to start feeling my fitness coming back! For anyone that doesn’t know, a few months ago I hurt my lower back in the gym. The doctors said it could be muscular or a disc but either way, unless I start wetting myself, there’s nothing to worry about other than get plenty of rest!

Fast forward three months, aside from a few basic physio exercises and one short run, I’ve patiently waited for a point where my back feels good enough to start exercising again. That was the longest period of time I’d gone without not exercising and I could feel how my body was changing on a daily basis in a way I wasn’t happy with.

It was around 10 days ago when I felt I was now ready to get going again and decided to start this 100 days of yoga and HIIT. I picked yoga and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) because yoga will help bring my core muscles back up to strength and improve my flexibility. Whilst HIIT will help me build up more muscle mass and get my lungs working again!

Just five days in and I’m already feeling tons better. My back aches less, my lungs feel like they have doubled in capacity and my core feels a lot tighter. I know this is more of a phycological change at the moment because five days isn’t enough to do all of that but god it feels good to be back!!

Day five

Saturdays are one of my favourite days of the week because it’s Park Run time! If my HIIT day lands on this day I’ll be doing the Park Run instead, or as well as when I get fit enough. Most Saturdays I try and take part in my local 5k Park Run, which is a free timed event that runs all the way around the world on a weekly basis. One of my goals for 2017 is to win one of them. I’ve come super close but never first!

As I went to leave my house this morning I couldn’t seem to find my running trainers anywhere. It was really frustrating and I was running late so instead of giving the run a miss I put on my only half-suitable pair of trainers which were pair of super cheap boat-shoe-like shoe, pictured below.

I made it to the run with one minute to spare, doing my best to bunch up with everyone so no one would see me wearing these crazy-ass “running shoes.” I’d run in something similar a few years ago and because they don’t have any support on the bottom I knew this would kill my calves by the end of it!

Surprisingly, however, as the run got started, with over 200 people, the shoes felt incredibly comfortable. It felt like I was running with socks on and my feet were free! My feet felt good, my lungs felt amazing and I was in the top 10.

I was pushed on by trying to keep us with faster runners and by the end of it I ended up surprising myself by knocking nearly 40 seconds off my last run and coming in 5th! Maybe I should wear the boat shoes more often!

That’s me in 5th place!

Saying that, though, my calfs did start cramping up as soon as I stopped and started walking… Maybe I’ll stick to my normal running shoes in the future.

It felt great to be back in the top 10 of runners at the local Park Run but what amazed me was just how quickly my body seems to be bouncing back. I mean in just the last five days I’ve gone from feeling down about how I feel, constant aching back and struggling to run comfortably. To feeling nearly back to my old self. The human body never stops to amaze me!

For the rest of the day I’ve had a nice chilled out time and it will be interested to see how my legs feel in the morning! I think a relaxing yoga session will be on the cards!