Days 11-15: 100 Days of Yoga & HIIT

15 days ago I set myself a goal of doing 100 days of yoga and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to get myself back into shape after a recent back injury a following three months of recovery.

In just over two weeks in I’ve learned a lot about my body and what I’ve weirdly enjoyed the most is being a beginner again and starting from fresh. It’s helped me see things from my client’s point of view and empathize with just how hard it can feel to get that initial feeling of progress.

My goal was to do a workout every day but because of muscle soreness, so far, I’ve only worked out on half of the 15 days, and even though I’ve put in that time there are no results to be seen. And that’s normal.

Here is a quick rule of thumb when it comes to progress:

You can feel the results instantly after a workout from the work you’ve put in. It takes around 6-8 for you to start seeing the results. And 12 weeks for other people to start seeing the results.

So if you’re just three or four weeks in and not seeing progress, stop worrying. That’s normal. The results are coming, but there’s just some serious lag time you’ve got to get through first!

Day’s 11-14

I really felt it after day 10 upper body HIIT session. My triceps and chest were practically useless to me for the net few days! Once again, I was super surprised at how long it’s taking my muscles to recover now I’ve had a few months off the exercise bandwagon.

For those reasons, and due to it being Christmas and being around the family I didn’t get any other workouts in aside from a quick 20 minute run around my local area.

Day 15

Back for another HIIT session and this time I went for a pull session to work the opposing muscles from the last workout, targeting my back and biceps. Still, nothing too strenuous but here is days 15 session:

Workout time: 40 seconds
Rest time: 20 seconds
Exercises: 4
Circuits: 3
Total time: 12 minutes

Cardio: Mountain climbers
Upper body: Bent over dumbbell row
Cardio: Jump squats
Upper body: Superman

To record the intervals on my laptop I used Fitlb which is a great desktop timer.

This workout was designed to help strengthen my middle and lower back muscles, whilst engaging my biceps and increasing my fitness.

Super great workout that only takes 12 minutes!

Tomorrow I’m going badminton and I’ll be looking to get a yoga session in too. Have a great day guys!