Days 16-24: The week into the new year

Remember about two posts ago I said the next 10 days will be better? Well, they were. For a few days. Then Christmas happened. Then I was at Disneyland for New Years and then I got ill. So yeah, great few days! aha

I got a few days of exercise in but I’d say 50% of it at best. That’s why I’m a little embarrassed writing this post. I wanted to show what 100 days of consistency would look like and so far it’s been more of 24 days of inconsistency…

Here’s an overview of how the last week or so went:

Day 16: Badminton
Day 17-20: At Disneyland for new years.
Day 21-23: I got a sickness bug
Day 24: I’m fully alive again and finally got a double workout in! I started the day with a 5k park run, managed to come 4th with a time of 19:58.

Then I got a nice HIIT workout in to get everything moving again! Here it is:

10 reps of each resistance exercises
40 seconds of cardio exercises
3 rounds
No rest periods

Push ups
High knees
Bench triceps dips
Leg raises
Twisting mountain climbers
Sit ups
Bodyweight shoulder press

The thing I love about HIIT workouts is you can be so creative with them, each exercise only lasts a short period of time and there’s no time to get distracted or to waste. It’s all 100% an effective workout that gets done in under 20 minutes!

I’m feeling stronger

24 days ago I was just getting started. I’m still just getting started I guess as I’ve had too many gaps but I can feel some strength coming back, my lower back aches less and I’ve got tons more energy now!

I could kick myself for missing pretty much 50% of the workouts or I could celebrate the fact I’m feeling nearly back to my old self.

I’ll pick the celebrating thank you!!