Days 25-29: 100 Days of Yoga & HIIT

Total days: 4
Workout days: 2
Rest days: 2


My recovery is getting better day by day. The park run I done around 20 days ago left me aching for days but now, I’m barely aching the next day. And it’s not down to lack of effort either (I know what you was thinking!!)

My hamstrings and core felt it slightly but nothing compared to before. It shows my fitness is starting to improve! I’d say I used Sunday as a rest day but I’d be lying. It was a rest day but an unintentional one. You know, they ones that go by where you forget to exercise? Yeah, one of those.


Monday: Yoga with Adriene

I think the majority of my online yoga sessions are going to be one of Adriene’s because out of all the ones I’ve ever done they are always hands down the best ones. Maybe it’s personal preference but either way, they are great from an exercise standpoint and also she just seems like an awesome human being.

I picked one of her stretch workouts, considering improving flexibility is one of my major goals right now. It’s 20 minutes long and will definitely help you clear your mind and soothe your body. It wasn’t until around 9pm when I got around to doing this workout so to be able to finish to the day in a relaxed state was a big win for me.

If you feel like the stresses of the day are catching up with your or just want to reset your mind, this is the yoga video for you.


Tuesday: Midnight runners

A few months ago my brother mentioned to me about a running event he went to up in London called Midnight Runners. It’s a 10k run with stop offs every 2k to do 8 rounds of a certain exercise. I never got around to doing it and as the first two sessions are free I thought now would be a good time to try it out.

It’s not quite a midnight run. It starts at 7:30pm and finished around 10pm. The atmosphere is amazing. Around 100-200 runners filled one of the backstreets of London where we all gathered to warm up. About 8 personal trainers ran the session, all holding boomboxes blaring out motivational music in time with the workout.

You can run at whatever pace you want. The faster runners at the front would just end of doing more exercises whilst everyone else arrived at the next station. The exercises they made us do along the way were:

  1. Burpees and a kind of bear crawl.
  2. Jump squats and plank exercise.
  3. Crunches and twisting planks.
  4. Triceps dips and squats to Bring Sally Up.
  5. Plank and russian twists

It was a solid all over body workout! Although it sounds like a lot doing all of that over the course of a 10k run, the lighthearted atmosphere made it really did make take the edge off of any pressure you might feel if you were to be one of the slower runners.

I’ll definitely be going again.


Wednesday: Rest

Now considering the beating from the previous day at Midnight Runners I well rested with only a general ache all over. After Bring Sally Up I was expecting to be struggling to walk up the stairs but it turned out to be alright.

I kept this day to recover and then tomorrow I’ll be back on the Yoga. I’ll try to find a good video that isn’t from Yoga with Adrienne but I can’t promise I’ll find out!