Days 6-9: 100 Days of yoga & HIIT

Over these 100 days of yoga and HIIT I’m building my strength back up after a slight back injury a few months ago.

I picked yoga to help improve my flexibility and core strength, which will help minimise the risk of another injury in the future. And the HIIT will help me build some basic muscle mass and improve overall fitness.

After day five, I’m never running in boat shoes again! Well, that was kind of a no-brainer anyway but my calves really did suffer for it! The next few days I was walking around like I shat myself as they hurt so much it was hard to put pressure on the fronts of my toes. Ooopsy.

That’s been the main reason why the last few days I’ve been inactive but last night I felt ready for another yoga session!

Day nine

One of the main things I need to concentrate on with my yoga practise is my core strength as it helps support the lower back in everyday life and is one of the reasons I got an injury in the first place. Day nine’s plan was to pick a workout that concentrated more on those area.

Slightly going off topic quickly, what I find really funny when looking through these workout video’s on YouTube is they always say things like “fat loss workout” and “fat burning workout”, and they just say it because it’s what gets the attention. Yes you’ll burn energy by doing it but actually it’s an insanely small amount, maybe like 0.1lbs of fat if you’re lucky. Most of the time it will just be stored carbohydrates but hey, whatever gets the clicks right!?

Obviously, I succumbed to the great promises of a fat burning workout so I went for a video from a new teacher that looked like it would help me build up my core muscles.

Before I ever do a video I give it a quick flick through to see if it looks like something beneficial to me and although the moves looked really basic I thought the slow moving pace of it would give me the extra time to really focus on engaging my core, even if it wouldn’t make me sweat.

Good points:

  • The slow pace of the video was really good as it did really challenge me to squeeze those abdominal muscles. If you really concentrated you could really challenge yourself.
  • It was nice and relaxing.
  • Exercises that seemed too easy got exponentially harder when trying to hold it in place for long periods of time.

Bad points:

  • She rambled on a lot. Sometimes I wondered if even she knew what she was trying to say.
  • “You’re going to burn that fat away”… Err no. Burning fat isn’t quite that simple.
  • I’d of liked a few more exercises that worked on flexibility.

For me, it was a little too easy and I would have liked more of a challenge but that’s probably my fault for picking a beginners video. If would have had to go on for another 10-20 minutes for me to of really enjoyed it.

Although saying that, I’m sure my core will be aching tomorrow.

I’d rate it a 7/10. Solid workout but I’d of liked it to have more exercises that improved my flexibility at the same time.

Definitely give it a go. If you’re following along as home I’d love to hear how you’re getting on in the comments below!

Day nine’s yoga workout