Ep 10: Getting To Know BC Serna

This week I have the privilege of getting to know the man behind the camera who is BC Serna. He has a passion for telling compelling and inspiring stories of the good and change happening both locally and globally through his film making. 
In this episode he goes into detail about what lead him to the path he is currently on and the legacy he wants to leave on this planet.
In this episode you’ll learn:
  • BC Serna’s background and how he got into traveling (1:25)
  • How he made traveling sustainable (4:20)
  • The Hustle (8:40)
  • What is success? (13:20)
  • Dealing with the future (14:20)
  • How to find your passion (19:10)
  • Getting out your comfort zone (23:38)
  • The importance of communication (25:20)
  • What do you want to be remembered for? (29:20)
  • Where can people hear more from BC Serna? (33:15)
  • Following your passion (36:00)

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Thanks for listening

It was a pleasure having BC Serna on this weeks podcast, he is such an inspiration and one of many others who are spreading such an abundance of joy through the world. The world will be a better place because he was here.
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A massive thanks to BC Serna for joining me for this episode.