Ep 11: How To Get Through Anything ft Heather Choate

This week I have a chat with best-selling author Heather Choate about how to get through any bad scenario. Heather speaks from experience in this field, she fell pregnant the other year and at the same time was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. To survive the ordeal doctors advised her she would have to abort the baby but in Heather’s mind that wasn’t an option. Thankfully now she has made it through the ordeal making it through the chemotherapy and having a completely healthy baby as well.
In this episode Heather explains her story and all the ways that helped her get through a very tough patch and how it can help you in pretty much any scenario.
In this episode you’ll hear about:
  • Heather’s backstory
  • Challenging the diagnosis (4:15)
  • Breaking a task down into manageable steps (7:15)
  • Practicing meditation (12:00)
  • How journaling helped (15:00)
  • The realization that life is short (18;30)
  • How to stay motivated (20:45)
  •  Main points to get through anything (25:30)
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It was a pleasure having Heather on this weeks podcast, she has such a powerful story to share with others and shows that it doesn’t matter what happens to you in life, all that matters is how you deal with it.
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A massive thanks to Heather for joining me for this episode.