Ep 15: How to transition to a vegan lifestyle
With The Minimalist Vegan

In this weeks episode I interview Marsha and Michael from The Minimalist Vegan about how to make the transition to becoming vegan.
They made the switch eighteen months ago and now help others who want to do the same.
I got them on this podcast because I’ve been trying to cut my meat and dairy intake but have come up with lots of problems and questions so I thought why not get The Minimalist Vegans on the show to help me and anyone else make the switch to becoming vegan!
It’s a super in-depth talk where I learnt a lot and you will too!
What you’ll learn in this episode:
  • What supplements you might need to take to make sure your not deficient.
  • What foods to eat to get enough protein.
  • Will you get enough calcium?
  • How do they survive without cheese!
  • How to get enough calories a day.
  • And loads of other useful tips!
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A massive thanks to Marsha and Michael from The Minimalist Vegan for joining me for this episode.