Get Out Of Your Comfort zone

Comfort is a slow silent killer. 
It creeps up on on you when you least expect it so slowly that you don’t even realize it’s there.
It teases and distracts you one bit at a time and before long its got you completely hypnotized.
It can hold you in its grasp for years before you even realize its got you.
You’ve all heard the saying growth happens outside your comfort zone but what also happens is the longer your in your comfort zone, the smaller it gets.
Its not this set line in the sand that never moves, if you don’t get outside of it then it will keep getting smaller and smaller until its so small your a nervous wreck just walking into an empty room.
Don’t let comfort get hold of you. Learn to lean into discomfort, it feels tough at first but start off small and build it up.
Go talk to that person you’ve been afraid to talk to.
Say good morning to the stranger you walk past on the way to work.
Go one speed higher than your used to on the treadmill.
Your never try anything new and progress unless you get comfortable with being uncomfortable because everything new is uncomfortable at first.
The first day at school, the first day at a new job, the first time walking onto the gym floor.
Notice its always the first day that’s uncomfortable but once you get past it, everything just gets easier. Or should I say, you just get better!
When you get that gut feeling you want to do something, go ahead and do it otherwise you’ll convince yourself out of it if you leave it long enough.
Lean into discomfort.
Challenge yourself everyday and you’ll see your comfort zone grow and grow. It’s in your hands.
So that leaves just one question.
What are you going to do today for the first time?