Keeping Things In Perspective

I’m going to be real with you, its tough getting that body you’ve desired for years, it really is. If you expect to get there in twelve or sixteen weeks time you can think again. You can make great progress in that time but your not going to get that end result your dreaming of.
If it was that easy everybody would have the body they want.
If you really want to to live a healthy lifestyle, be back to your old self with an abundance of energy and feel confident in your body again then your going to have to undo all of the neglect you’ve put your body through for the last few years.
The first obstacle you’ve got to get round is thinking that this new healthy regime your about to undertake is just another phase, because if it is then your weight-loss is going to be just another phase too.
You know the moment you stop going to work the money stops coming in so why do you think weight-loss will carry on if you stop putting in the work too? It doesn’t.
Anything you’ve ever wanted to achieve took time.
It took you over 400 days to learn to walk.
Over 10 years to pass school.
20-30 years to build your passion or career.
And your telling me just a few months into leading a healthy lifestyle you want to quit because your not there yet!?
Flat out, that’s bulls@~t.
If you really want this then you have to get it ingrained into your lifestyle. Think about that one friend you have which you describe to have the perfect body, I bet you they’ve worked for it, maybe they aren’t in the gym everyday but ever since you’ve known them they’ve always been fairly active and watched what they eat. They didn’t get the body they currently have by just following a twelve or sixteen week program and if you want what they have then neither will you.
You’ve got to control your actions on a daily basis because at first this healthy lifestyle isn’t going to be a habit, its going to be a slog but trust me don’t give up, keep pushing yourself through it because eventually it gets easier once you start to break all of your old habits.
Right now it might be a struggle not to pick up the chocolate biscuits up whilst shopping but next year you won’t even think twice about even going near that isle.
Its not going to be easy, but it’s also not going to be as hard as passing school, and you done that.