The Fitness Hippie’s First Birthday! A Year In Review…

It’s The Fitness Hippie’s birthday! It’s not my actual birthday but it’s been one year since I launched the site and social media pages ‘The Fitness Hippie.’

I’ve always been one for setting and reviewing goals. Since it’s now been one year since I first started The Fitness Hippie, I thought this would be a great time to review everything and talk about my plans for the year ahead!

Here’s a breakdown of some cool stats of what’s happened in the first year:

Planning (1)

Overview of the year

To say I’m happy with how this year has gone would be an understatement.

Obviously, there’s been loads of ups and downs but to of started the year with just 67 followers and to end it on over 13,000 is a pretty decent achievement in my eyes!

I started The Fitness Hippie a year ago because I believe health and fitness is about more just losing weight and looking good.

To me, it’s a whole lifestyle approach. A healthy lifestyle includes our view of the world, how we treat people, our goals, ambitions, and how we spend our time on this planet. And of course, the kind of foods we eat and to stay physically active!

I’m not perfect and I am continually trying to improve my lifestyle, but I’m using The Fitness Hippie to share my experience and knowledge to hopefully help and inspire others along the way.

What worked well

For me, the most exciting part of this whole experience so far has been building a community of people who are all striving to live a better lifestyle.

It’s been so fun to see everyone develop and grow in ways beyond I’d ever of imagined.

The interaction and support people give each other, especially on Instagram, is incredible.

Most people are complete strangers but they come together online to help cheer each other on and pick them up when they are down.

It has been so nice to see social media used in such an empowering way.

What’s recently gone really well, which I’m super proud of, is my first proper online guide Reborn: The Ultimate Lifestyle Guide – It was a mammoth task to make all by myself but I’m really happy with how it has turned out.

Reborn is going to be the foundation that I’ll continue to build on to make the best lifestyle course available.

What didn’t work so well

I can think of soooooo many things that didn’t go to plan. Including my first little guide The Fitness Hippie Guide, lots of money spent on online advertising that went to waste, a private Facebook Group that was a lot harder to grow than I imagined, and trying to monetise the site enough so I could do it full time.

I’ve learnt from it all though so it wasn’t all for nothing.

What I think I’ve learnt most this year is the real power of patience and consistency. I preach it a lot when it comes to eating well and making lifestyle changes but it’s also taught me a great lesson in other areas of my life.

A year ago I was so eager to build this into a huge platform that I worked so hard that I began to not enjoy it as much. That added to the fact I was a little disheartened I hadn’t been able to grow some social channels as much as others got me kind of down. But it’s all because I was too impatient and wanted to do it all in a day.

I still want to grow this into something bigger but I’m now embracing the journey more, enjoying every interaction and every new person that joins my community because that’s what life’s about right. Enjoying the journey!

Plans for the year ahead

Taking what I’ve learnt from over the previous year I’m going to be working to build this into more of a community. I want it to become a place where people can surround themselves with like-minded people who are working to build a happier, healthier lifestyle.

This means I’ll be blogging a lot more regularly, roughly once a week. I’ll be a lot more active over email and of course I’ll be interacting with everyone on social media like I always do!

Everyone in the community will get access to a load of different resources, exclusive content, free prizes, and as the community grows I’ll set up regular online group video calls for people to stay accountable and get to know each other more.

I’ve also got a manifesto coming that will outline the values of the community and how we aim to live our lives.

You’ll be able to share it on social media, set it as your phone screensaver, or print it off as a physical reminder on a daily basis. I’m pretty excited for this!

I’ll continue to build Reborn and add new sections in which anyone who has previously bought it will get the updates as and when they happen. I might also change the structure of it from an eBook into an email subscription model where you get weekly actionable content, workouts, and recipes etc.

But this is still something I’m thinking about! Let me know if this interests you in any way!

Aside from that, I’ll be getting more content out there on social media and have some interesting little collaborations in the pipeline which you will have to wait and see!

So there you have it! The Fitness Hippie has hit the grand age of 1 and I can’t wait to see what it continues to grow into!

The official launch of the community will be mid-to-end of September. But to register your interest hit the button below. When it launches you’ll get:

  • Free prizes – Every other week they’ll be a Community Star picked at random who will get a free prize and take the spotlight to introduce themselves to the community.
  • Early access to the most exclusive content.
  • Updates on what’s happening in the community.
  • Bi-weekly mastermind video calls with me and everyone else. (Once the community hits 500 members)

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