Top Tips To Stay On Track With Your New Years Resolution

Only around 8% of people who set new years resolutions actually stick to them, how crazy is that, just 8%!
No-one wants to be part of the 92% who gives up so I’ve outlined my top tips that my clients follow to make sure they stay on track all year round.


Remember when you was younger and your mum or dad would be nagging you to get up and go to school everyday? That is pretty much what staying accountable is all about, because on your own your attendance wouldn’t of been so good. If you’re anything like me you would of loved to just hit the snooze button on the alarm on the days you just didn’t feel like it, so to make sure that doesn’t happen we need to stay accountable. Luckily there is a number of ways to do this.
  1. Get a workout partner- Find someone who can work out at the same time as you so you can both encourage each other to keep going. When one of you has a down day the other one is still there to egg them on to keep going. Sometimes it’s hard to find someone who has the same schedule as you and what happens if they end up abandoning you!? Luckily there’s also a second option.
  2. Social media support- Social media is amazing at joining groups of people together who share a common interest. You can join Facebook groups, follow an Instagram hashtag or make a private group with your friends on Facebook to keep each other accountable everyday. If you’ve got an interest in it, there’s a Facebook group for it, you just need to search for it.


Morning routine
If you want to wake up and be in the right frame of mind then cook a healthy breakfast, watch a quick inspirational video and review your goals. If you want a bad day then get up as late as possible, grab some Pop Tarts and turn on the news.
Starting the day with a healthy set of habits will get the ball rolling in the right direction so I always suggest creating a quick morning routine you can do before you head of for the day. Here’s a quick glimpse into how I start the day:
Get changed and listen to a 5-10 minute motivating or inspiring video in the background.
5 minutes (trying) to meditate
Review goals for the short, medium and long term whilst making a healthy breakfast.
This is what works for me and yours will probably be different but keep refining it until you get it right. Maybe you’ll get washed, make a quick healthy breakfast and whilst on the way to work listen to an inspiring video and review your goals. just do what works for you.


I understand you’re super busy and have insane amounts of things to do, even with all the technology we have we still struggle to get everything done. It’s always been like that and it always will be, what’s important is to realize that and then work out what it truly important to you because you’ll never run out of cleaning or washing to do.
Have a look at your current priorities because if they look like this:
1. Kids/family
2. Work
3. Washing, cleaning, chores
4. Everything else
5. Health and fitness
Maybe you need to make them look more like this:
1. Kids/family
2. Work
3. Health and fitness
4. Washing, cleaning, chores
5. Everything else
You’ll always have one more thing to get done so make sure your health and fitness comes before that ‘one’ thing.


Clear, measurable goals
I’m not talking about simple goals like ‘lose weight’ or ‘get skinnier’. They have no time frame on, you’ve not defined how you are going to track progress and is it realistic? Your goals need to be solidified in your mind, you need to know exactly what you looking to achieve, how you are going to measure progress, whether your expectations are reasonable and be able to visualize what it will feel like when you get there.
Your goals need to inspire you, they need to be something you genuinely want and aren’t there just because someone told you its good for you.
You don’t have to have only one goal either, the more the better and just like when having a To-Do list it feels great when you can tick them off, it feels just as good ticking of your goals, so make as many as you’d like, the more the better.


Weekly workout Schedule
How many times a week are you going to workout? If at all at first. How long will your workouts be and where will they fit into your week? Work it out and write it down in your calendar/diary.
That’s the first step but you have to go one step further and treat the time you put aside to workout like you do with your work. If someone asks you to go down the pub on Tuesday at 3pm you’ll say “no sorry I’ve got work”, because it’s something you have to do it; and you know your health and fitness is more important than your job so if someone asks you to go do something when you have a workout planned have the willpower to say “no sorry, I’ve got gym.”


Weekly Meal Planner
Nutrition is way more important than exercise when it comes down to losing weight, you can’t out-train a bad diet. A large obstacle with eating healthy meals is the time involved in making them but it doesn’t need to be as time consuming as you may think.
If you make everything you’re going to eat at the time of wanting it then its never going to work unless you have an abundance of time on your hands, which I’m sure you don’t.
Make a simple weekly food planner outlining all your meals and snacks you need to eat everyday, then work out which ones of those you can bulk cook on a Sunday and put in the freezer so that it can serve as a simple ‘grab and go’ meal. This will save you a ton of time, the less variety of meals you are happy with having the quicker this process gets. For the remainder of dishes you can make as and when you need them.


Know it’s possible

“If we believe in magic, we’ll live a magical life.  If we believe our
life is defined by narrow limits, we’ve suddenly made those beliefs real.” – Anthony Robbins

All of the above points are a complete waste of time if you don’t believe you deserve your goals or think it’s impossible to achieve. A lot of people shoot themselves in the foot before they even start because they have limiting self beliefs that hold them back. Just because you may of failed before doesn’t mean that its impossible.
What is your thought process like? Is it dis-empowering or empowering?
You deserve everything you can dream up of in this world, no-one is entitled to have a good or bad life, it just matters how hard you a willing to work towards the things you desire. It may be hard, it will definitely be harder than you think, but the satisfaction you’ll have at the end of your life knowing that you gave it your all will be worth it every single drop of effort.


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