Understanding who needs supplements with Kin Fitt

In this weeks episode I have the legendary Kin Fitt on my podcast. He’s a bodybuilder, owner of a fitness studio and two supplements shops. And before you think ‘why has Ryan got a bodybuilder and supplement shop owner on his podcast?, don’t panic! He sets the story straight about who needs and who doesn’t need supplements.
I think you’ll be surprised at what he has to say once you’ve given this podcast a listen. He is genuinely a really nice guy and full of character which you’ll notice straight away. In this podcast we first go into his backstory and what led him to getting into the fitness industry before touching on all the help and advice that are actionable for you guys!
What you’ll learn in this episode:
  • How he turned from the ‘chubby kid’ in school to a bodybuilder.
  • What supplements he takes all year round.
  • When you should take supplements.
  • How to not let others knock you down.
  • The importance of the right mindset.
You can find more about Kin Fitt on the below places: