What The Scales Aren’t Telling You

Have you ever experienced it when you’ve weighed yourself on a Friday afternoon then after a night out, a few alcoholic beverages and a kebab later you weigh yourself on the Saturday morning when you’re slightly worse for wear and you’ve put on 5 lb!?

I mean dam it was a crazy night but 5 lb really!?

Are the scales right, have you really put on 5 lb or are they just trying to make your hangover one from hell?

Yes you have put on 5 lb’s but that’s not 5 lb of fat. 

The problem with the scales is that it only tracks total weight, not total amount of fat. How much excess fat you have on you is what you actually want to track as its that which makes you healthier, have more energy, look slimmer, more toned and drop dress sizes!

The thing with fat is that 1 lb of fat has around 3,500 calories in which isn’t an amount your likely to overeat by or be able to burn off in one day.

So where do these large daily fluctuations on the scale come from?

Large fluctuations in weight can happen on a daily basis for a number of reasons, the biggest reason normally being how much water is in your system.

How much you drink largely affects how much the scales swing by because 1 pint of water weighs roughly 1 lb. If once a week you hop of the scales to see how much weight you’ve lost & it says you’ve lost 2 lbs but in two hours time after you’ve had 2 pints of water you hop back on those same scales you’ll see you haven’t lost any weight.

Very disheartening to see but in reality it doesn’t actually tell you anything because you don’t know if you’ve lost some fat or just been drinking more water, which might make you upset for doing a good thing!

Another thing about water is that when you consume more carbohydrates that also means more water will stay in your system because all carbohydrates essentially are are carbon atoms attached to water.

Which is a big reason for why when you have fast food or something containing a large amount of carbohydrates such as a McDonalds meal, your not just storing more calories but also more water which will show up as extra weight on the scales. This is also why when doing a low carbohydrate diet lots of people find they lose a lot of weight in their first week or so because of the reduction in water.

Here’s a couple of other reasons the weight on the scales doesn’t matter so much:

Been to the toilet yet?

Constipation alone can add up to two pounds on the scales if you haven’t let loose in the last day or two.

Hormonal changes

When women are premenstrual that makes the body retain more water, sometimes up to 4 pounds worth.


As you can see there are a number of ways the scales can vary a lot which actually have nothing to do with how much fat is on your body. If you haven’t been to the toilet in the last 2 days, are premenstrual and have downed a couple more pints of water than normal that could easily add on 5 lbs to the scales even though they are all short term side affects which will be gone again in a couple of days.

So the point I’m trying to get across is don’t weigh yourself religiously, if at all. It can become an addiction and a pointless one at that.

If you want to look a certain way then track how you look, not how much you weigh.